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Microtec M197 - Fully programable replacement ECU for any Ducati with a Magneti Marelli 5.9 [Includes USB cable & Software CD] - E10
Stand alone ECU offering full tuning ability.

For all Ducati models with ECU 5.9 M, system PLUG & PLAY. Manages all the original sensor, DTC (if present) and immobilizer too; Two different Maps selectable with the start button. Prepared for quick gear sensor, security switch.

Engine control unit for all Ducati models last generation, equipped with 5.9 Marelli unit, replaces the original control unit with “plug & play system”.

Requires no additional wiring cables
Can be fitted on every Ducati models without being codified and can be reused on different bikes.
It comes with 2 maps which can be selected when the bike is on the road, by pressing the start button, .these maps can be further refined , in accordance with the preparation of the engine, with an automapping system.
Outputs are provided for fast gear, data acquisition, security switch to turn the bike off in case of fall
There is an enter in the software to enable the traction control available with a kit (in preparation)
For motorcycles equipped with the lasts dashboard generation can appear on the display the username
It’s fully compatible with original Ducati system
Manages the immobilizer light that is excluded with the installation of an on/off switch more convenient for track use.
Comes with a configuration software and an interface for the PC connection that allows the loading of maps and access to the optional expected
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Please check it out in the below link:

Unrestricted tuning ability, this is the only way to go! Unlike a DP ecu, Power Commander, or ECU reflash this ECU offers the ability of full custom tunes allowing the end user endless adjustability.

Injection and ignition control sytem, expressly developed to be employed on many DUCATI bike models, in replacement of the original ECU. All the original functions are kept.

Heart of the system is the MPC5534 Power PC from Freescale that with a core clock of 80Mhz, provide high calculation perfor-mances.

Full parameters costumization allows to employ this module in different working conditions.
Unit is provided with two identical pre-charged maps, suited for the bike model chosen.

This kit consists of:
- Stand alone ECU
- PC Interface
- PC Cable
- Tuning Software

This unit is fully compatible with the original DUCATI dashboard.

By means of an included adapter, the unit can be connected to an USB port of a common Windows PC. A 3D Windows application, is designed for customize and monitor all the system parameters. The external BOX is constituted by a black plastic cover and an aluminum back. Four fixing points are provided to permit a simple installation on the original DUCATI support.

1. After software is loaded and open on screen
2. Maps are already pre-loaded so don't [Load] anything as CD explains
3. Turn key on 4. Click [Open] on bottom left screen, [Tx] and [Rx] should now highlight
5. On bottom right of screen should display [M197 v1.3a] 6. Click [Rx] then [Configuration] then [OK] Your bike model will display above [Config]
7. Click [RX] then [Mapping 2] then [OK]
8. Click [RX] then [Mapping 1] then [OK] Your map name will now display above [Maps]
9. Set TPS: (Don't use outdated Microtec instructions)
10. Click [Linear] then top right click [Auto Calibration] then [Set] then hold throttle wide open and click [Set] again
11. Click [Save] then [Configuration] then Save to a folder, then [Tx] then [Configuration] then [OK]
12. Bike should now start.

This part is a special ordered part and once it has been placed through the manufacturer, it can neither be canceled nor is it returnable.



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Happy to custom tune.
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I like tuning with the Microtec ecu.
The Microtec does Realtime tuning changes - That means you can sit on the dyno, hold it at a small throttle opening at a dyno specified rpm and tap on the keyboard, adding or subtracting fuel till the engine runs as smooth as silk. Makes tuning a joyous procedure.
The other uncommon Microtec feature is being able to adjust ignition timing - and adding to that, a tuner can change it in Realtime. So, if your dyno is so equipped to readout reltime power, you can program the dyno to hold 70mph and add throttle till you are making enough power to do 70mph in the real world, look at the hp on the dyno screen - then start adding or subtracting ignition advance until you are making the most hp for that part throttle setting at that rpm/mph.
A tuner's dream.
I've used quite a few Microtecs and always look forward to tuning them.
It's only a few more dollars than the usual methods, but the tuning potential is greater.
Marc Salvisberg
Wheelsmith / Factory Pro
415 472-4962

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