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Parts - Electrical, Lighting, & Gauges
Our expert team can help you find the right part for your motorcycle including Ducatti, BMW, Harley Davidson, Honda and other top motorcycle models. You don’t need to be an expert mechanic, Motowheels will proudly help you order what you need. If you’re not sure what you need than give us a call at 916.369.2509, and if you don’t get the right part then we’ll replace it as soon as possible. Most orders are fulfilled the very same day!
When it comes to motorcycle electrical parts like lights, gauges, connectors, and wiring harnesses, having any inoperative component is not an option. Keeping your bike safe, fast, and road legal means using only high-quality or name-brand replacement parts. Shop through our inventory of bulbs, taillights, signals, batteries, electrical hardware and more, all from the top brands in the business. Our selection also includes important installation hardware, nuts, and bolts.

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Electrical, Lighting, & Gauges Featured Products

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Description: Billet mounts that relocate the gauges at a lower angle to reduce glare and for a sleeker look
Item #: SH-LPDM - F-7.6
Condition: New
Price: $42.95

Description: As always RIZOMA seeks to stand out from the crowd with innovative design and uncompromising technical features for unbeatable performance.
Item #: DBL001H -
Condition: New
Ships in 4-7 days from manufacturer. Availability subject to change.
Price: $105.00

Item #: ss.used.inventory.harness -
Condition: New
Limited Supply: Only 1 Left!
Price: $20.00

Description: OEM Supersport Horn
Item #: ss.used.inventory.horn - US-4
Condition: Used
Limited Supply: Only 1 Left!
Price: $15.00

Items 1-4 of 4