I have been piecing together a 2009 Kawasaki KX450F for a while now and finally had it to the point to test it to figure out sprocket sizing and other R&D things before it is ready for AFM racing.

The Friday before this track day MotoWheels received a brand new shipment of 2013 Dainese apparel fresh from Italy. I was more than eager to try out a hand full of items I had seen back when we made our order 9 months ago for the 2013 collection:

DAINESE Team Perforated Suit

This is the premier suit that replicates the same suit Dainese sponsored riders have worn for years. This EU54 suit fits like it was made for me (I'm 5'11" & 170 ish lbs.) I have purchased many Dainese suits over the years (Laguna Seca, Stripes, & the Laguna Seca Pro) and some fit better than others but with this suit you really get what you pay for. My biggest concerns have always been longevity, in my opinion I want a suit that can crash a couple times without blowing out the seams on the first impact. The team suit features many things not typically offered on your average suit:

  • Titanium Inserts in the shoulder, elbow, & knee
  • Bi-axial elasticated insert system
  • Collar with elasticated insert

The key about these features is not a single one of them compromises the quality or durability. Many suits on the market incorporate esthetic features that do not improve the performance. Since the shoulder, elbow, and knee have a titanium insert there is no longer a vulnerable seam to blow out from impact. Every other suit I own has a blow out on the elbow from a crash or dragging my elbow at the track, with the team suit the elbow seam is guarded by the titanium insert.

DAINESE Norsorex Shorts

I prefer these as an alternative to under armor shorts because these have additional padding (low profile) in impact points and the seams are in choice areas to prevent uncomfort on and off the bike

DAINESE Manis 59 Back Protector

I can't say enough about this back protector! This truly shows the evolution of a back protector, it could be $500.00 and I would argue to my death on how awesome it is!

  • Unlike any back protector before it allows lateral flexion up to 25º to each side letting you articulate off the bike
  • The back protector design allows the back protector to extend in size up to 8% just like your back naturally can change length with posture
  • The straps feel as if they aren't even there, the 3D elasticated mesh (feels like neoprene) is so light in feel and ergonomically correct in shape they don't cause any unnecessary pressure on your arm pit or chest.

If you’re like me and you try and find any excuse to not wear a back protector because of uncomfort or inconvenience of putting it on this is the back protector for you, it feels as it is isn't even there and offers Level 2 protection.

I'm 5'11 and the Manis 59 was ideal, slightly long but perfect to my liking, either the Medium or Large for the strap will work, and the nice feature is it has dual straps, one to locate and a secondary lumbar band.

DAINESE Torque RS Out Air Boot

This boot offers great protection and is quite easy to get in and out of because of the inner boot design. Fits spot on EU43 (I wear a US10 in Nike) I always wore Sidi or Alpinestars but with the ease and superior protection of the Torque RS Out I won't be looking anywhere else.

DAINESE Sottotuta Air Skin Racing Undersuit

This under suit is offered EU size specific making the fit ideal, also all of the seams are on the exterior creating an ultra-smooth feel and extreme ease of getting into and out of a suit. This suit is priced a little expensive because of the multiple stretch panels and intricate seams but there is a cost effective option in the grinner offering similar features at a more affordable price: DAINESE Sottotuta Grinner Undersuit

DAINESE Motorbike Knee High Socks

Super high tech for a sock but performed awesome, funny to say but when I think back to previous track days where my socks weren't long enough and Velcro was scratching me, or the socks were moving around. There has always been distracted comfort but it is long gone, the compression lines are in the perfect areas holding the sock snug in the right places and the padded shinbone and toes made the boots feel ever more comfortable.

Track day was awesome and the gear was even better! The Kawasaki 450 fitted with BST wheels handled like a dream, and the Brembo RCS front brake offered late braking performance for everyone to envy.