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When you're taking care of the details on your prized sport bike, three letters can make all the difference. STM Italy entered the motorcycle parts market more than 25 years ago and applied their innovations in precision mechanics to two-wheeled rides. The result is cutting-edge products for Ducati, BMW, Suzuki, Kawasaki and other manufacturers. Many of these parts are developed in collaboration with factory superbike and motocross teams!

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STM Products

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Description: STM BILLET ADJUSTABLE REARSETS: Ducati Panigale V4/S
Item #: SDU-0750 - SDU-0750
Condition: New
Please allow two weeks for delivery
FREE Shipping in the USA
Price: $885.00


Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery!
Price: $795.00

Description: STM billet aluminum engine oil breather featuring carbon reeds. This oil breather will not leak and it looks quite stylish too! See the fitment list on the resources tab to ensure this fits your Ducati model.
Item #: SDU-*072 - K-9.10
Condition: New
Price: $113.57

Price: $2,295.00

Price: $2,449.00

Price: $19.95
Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery!
Price: $2,455.00


Description: STM Fork Preload Adjusters: SHOWA
Item #: 0450-0170 - K-9.2
Condition: New
Limited Supply: Only 0 Left!
Price: $56.95
Sale: $54.10
Save: 5%
Save: $2.85
Description: STM frame plugs (old style)
Item #: COD009MG* - K-9.11
Condition: New
These are the last of the older style frame plugs.
Price: $23.95
Sale: $18.50
Save: 23%
Save: $5.45

Description: STM frame plugs
Item #: ST009/N** - K-9.12
Condition: New
Price: $23.95
Sale: $18.50
Save: 23%
Save: $5.45

Item #: SUN-*030 - K-9.4
Condition: New
Price: $26.95
Description: STM Quick Change Sprocket 520: 748-998/848/S2R/S4R
Item #: 005MS0** - K-9.6
Condition: New
Price: $73.95
Description: STM Reservoir: Clutch / Rear Brake 20cc Fluid capacity/straight down
Item #: SUN-*220 - K-10.2
Condition: New
Price: $59.34

Description: STM Reservoir: Clutch / Rear Brake 20cc Fluid capacity/45º outlet
Item #: SUN-*230 - K-10.1
Condition: New
Price: $59.34

Item #: S-09-136 - S-09-136
Condition: New
Price: $8.95
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More About STM

Bring amazing function and sleek Italian style stateside by ordering STM Italy parts for clutches, engines, drive trains and suspensions from Components such as frame and oil fill plugs, fork preload adjusters, oil breathers and clutch reservoirs will always play a big role in your on- and off-track performance. Many of these parts are available in multiple anodized finishes like red, black, gold and blue that add a pop of color.

Find everything from STM adjustable rear sets to clutch sprockets that CNC-machined from lightweight aluminum. If you don't find what you need, we'll get it for you at a competitive price. It's this kind of service that has made us a leader in aftermarket motorcycle parts since 1999. Ask us anything by phone or email and we'll give you an expert answer from our sport bike professionals.