748L Project: The begining

We are starting a new project today. Its not a brand new bike, its not your ever day bike either. This is a 1998 Ducati 748L. The bike that was only sold through the Neimen Marcus Christmas Catalog. There was only 100 of them made and this is number 80. The original owner who bought still has it and has decided its time to do something a little different. It will start with a complete take down to the frame. That's when the fun begins.  photo 0060684D-9555-41FC-B224-4B569E7E27A1-5687-0000062A02C196A9_zps111b85b0.jpg  photo ED1540C5-FB24-46CD-B5A7-D11E6B7FEA1E-5687-00000629FFFE0CA2_zpsdadc3f16.jpg  photo 60417DD2-D286-4D89-BEC2-58E2EF155043-5687-00000629FD6189F7_zps0d54dd4e.jpg  photo 3C9DF582-B12A-4271-B473-D2226344CE3B-5687-00000629F9F8CB38_zpseccea0b6.jpg


The shopping list is huge. Like almost enough to build an entire bike. Ohlins, BST, Brembo, Spark, Corse Dynamics, and EVR will become part of this bikes very near future. We will be posting photos and information along they way, so check back often to see what's in store for this bikes future.

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