Ever Thought About Perfecting Your Offroading Skills at Ducati’s DRE Enduro Academy?

Here’s What You Can Expect From The Experience:

The DRE Enduro Academy’s off-road motorcycle course is offered by Ducati every year. It is perfect for both beginners and experienced riders.

  • Beginners will gain more confidence in handling their ride in low-grip conditions off road.
  • Experienced riders will enhance their riding skills, learning from the experience of top riders.

Participants of the DRE Enduro Academy Course can test out riding techniques with the Multistrada 1260 EnduroMultistrada 950, and Scrambler Desert Sled. All the participants are divided into groups according to their experience level and are led closely by a team of instructors.

2020’s DRE Enduro Academy Course has already come to a close, however; let’s go over how it went and what activities were part of this year’s experience.


This year, Ducati hosted the DRE Enduro Academy in the castle of Nipozzano. The stunning panoramas and wide-open spaces made it the perfect location. The Ducati models, including the Multistrada 1260 Enduro, the Multistrada 950, and the Scrambler Desert Sled, were set up in the vast fields around the castle, in an area designated for training or practical sessions. Once the theoretical sessions were complete, the participants had the chance to put the theory into practice at the magnificent trails through the Tuscan hills.


During the day-and-a-half class, participants performed a wide variety of exercises. These ranged from acquiring the best riding posture to the best techniques for handling the bike on steep off-road slopes (going up and down). Once the basics of off-road riding were complete, the focus of the exercises shifted to dealing with obstacles, emergency braking on rough surfaces, and more.

The final part of the course included an excursion on the tracks around the estate to take in the stunning surrounding views and real-life experience of techniques and strategies that participants just learned in the practice session.

What bikes did participants have a chance to ride?

All of the participants had a chance to ride and test various Ducati bikes, including:

The bikes selected for the course are perfect for off-road exploring; offering opportunities for participants to learn multiple riding modes to adapt in every situation.

What equipment was required?

All participants were required to wear specific off-roading clothes. For those who did not have their own gear, Ducati provided the participants the opportunity to rent the proper clothing to wear:

  • Enduro jacket
  • Enduro trousers
  • Explorer goggles
  • Helmet
  • All-terrain gloves
  • All-terrain boots
  • Bodyguard Enduro armour
  • Enduro kneepads

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