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So what are rearsets? They are metal plates, or brackets, that relocate the rider’s footpeg and control positions on a motorcycle. Most motorcyclists think that you install these beautiful, shiny bits simply to add a bling factor to the motorcycle… but that’s not always the case. There are some very compelling reasons why you should invest in these gorgeous accessories.

Rearsets don’t just look good, they allow riders to place their legs and feet comfortably while on their bike. They enable owners to more easily tailor their rides to fit them perfectly by raising, lowering, or moving the pegs backward or forward.

Benefits of Rearsets

#1.) Creates a stable base

Rearsets allow riders to better adjust their feet and legs more comfortably. They create a stable base for the riders' body when sitting on or hanging off the bike. It reduces the need to hang on with their arms and hands, allowing them to focus more on steering the bike and smoothly applying the throttle and brakes. It also reduces the strain on riders' bodies, increasing comfort, endurance, and confidence.

#2.) Increased ground clearance

Rearsets that place the rider’s feet higher increase ground clearance and enable the rider to lean more while turning, resulting in faster cornering speeds and lower lap times.

#3.) Better grip on the pegs

Roadracing rearsets deliver more grip. Most stock motorcycle footpegs are covered with rubber pads, which provide some grip, but also quell vibration and road feedback that invariably transfers from the engine and chassis through the footpegs and into the rider's feet.

Which rearset should you buy?

There is a wide range of brands and types of rearset kits that boast a wide range of quality characteristics and features that you can buy for your bike. If you are planning to invest in rearsets, we recommend that you visit Motowheels, over the phone - in person - or online, to chat with our specialists about your specific needs.

We specialize in Ducati parts and accessories and offer a fantastic selection of rearset products such as the Woodcraft Complete CFM Rearset Kit.

Woodcraft Complete CFM Rearsets

Woodcraft CFM kits are made in the USA and due to their quality and excellent value, they have been the racer’s choice for decades.

The Woodcraft complete rearset kit includes:

  • Rearset plates
  • Footpegs
  • CFM 3 piece shift & brake pedals and hardware (shift rods, etc.) to install them properly

These CFM rearsets are stronger than OEM brackets, manufactured from tough aircraft-grade 6061 T6 Aluminum, and each kit is specifically designed based on the motorcycle's model. They give a rider optimum foot position and ground clearance for racing.

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