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Did you know that according to Ducati, since 2003 over 15,000 riders around the world have chosen the Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) school to improve their riding? Ducati offers multiple different academies offer riders of all experience levels and walks of life the opportunity to learn new tricks and further their overall bike knowledge and skills. Here is an update on last few DRE Events happening in 2020.

2020 Riding Experience

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, most of the 2020 DRE events were either cancelled or postponed. However, there is good news for riders who were hoping to attend the Ducati training sessions this year. Ducati has recently released an updated calendar of activities, and here is what’s on the menu this September:








11-12 Sept 2020

Nipozzano Castle (Florence)

Enduro Academy*

720 €

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12-13 Sept 2020

Nipozzano Castle (Florence)

Enduro Academy*

720 €

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15-16 Sept 2020

ACI Vallelunga Circuit (Campagnano di Roma - RM)

Racetrack Academy

Starting from 1.250€

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19-20 Sept 2020

Modena Circuit

Rookie Academy

250 €

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Road Academy

550 €



DRE Riding Courses

DRE offers four courses to accommodate every riding style:


1.) Rookie

The first course is Rookie. It’s for young riders of age between 18 and 24 years old, and those who own 47 horsepower bikes with A1 license--the licensing tier most European riders start out with. The professional instruction team will teach participants the basics of road and track motorcycling, helping them learn, develop, and improve the riding experience.

The DRE Rookie gets new riders on track and trying a Ducati from the restricted-power range, including:

  • Monster 797
  • Monster 821
  • Hypermotard
  • Supersport
  • Scrambler 400 
  • Scrambler 800 


2.) Road

This DRE course is for beginners as well as for the people who want to test-ride the Ducati model range. This course helps beginners by raising their awareness and developing a safe riding attitude. For test riders, it allows them to take full advantage of the benefits offered by new technologies like traction control and electronic shifting. This one-day course accepts a maximum of 30 people in each session and is focused on different trajectories, shifting, apexes, turning, and electronic control functions, including ABS Cornering. 

The DRE Road course gives a chance to test-ride the new models of the Ducati range and experience all the latest technological innovations of the 

  • Diavel
  • XDiavel
  • Multistrada
  • Monster
  • Hypermotard
  • Supersport
  • Streetfighter families


3.) Enduro

Enduro is an off-road riding course by Ducati. This class will allow you to ride the monsters in the spectacular and prestigious location of Castello di Nipozzano, near Florence, Italy. This course is suitable for everyone, from beginners to expert-level riders.

Beginners can learn to take control of the bike in off-road conditions and experienced Adventure riders can try out riding techniques with the Multistrada 1260 Enduro, Multistrada 950, and Scrambler Desert Sled with instruction from none other than Paris-Dakar Rally champ Beppe Gualini and his hand-picked instructors.


4.) Racetrack

This is for those who want to experience the thrill of the track. Racetrack offers five different courses varying at levels of ability and performance.

  • Track Warmup
  • Track EVO
  • Track Master
  • Racetrack One to One
  • DRE Champs

For over 20 years, Ducati has been offering rider training to both green and seasoned bikers to hone their skills on the roads, the track, and the trails. Each DRE course mentioned above provides a unique experience and is a lot of fun.

We know with the current COVID restrictions in place that things kind of slowed down for a bit. But don’t let that stop you from looking forward to the amazing riding experiences that are in store for you at the end of 2020 and into 2021.

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