Do You Need a Titanium Exhaust System?

First, do you know what your motorcycle’s exhaust system does? If you own a motorcycle, or are planning to purchase one, you probably do. Therefore, you know that while the stock system provides more than enough power for many riders, most riders choose to customize them to enhance both the bike’s looks and its performance.

So what’s the best way to do it?

Not many components arouse more passion and spirited discussion from enthusiasts than the exhaust system. Most riders replace or modify the stock exhaust, air intake, and even the fuelling systems to improve their bike’s performance, sound, weight, and looks. A custom exhaust also makes a dual sensory statement since it modifies both the bike's sound and its visual identity; and there are a lot of different styles and types of products to choose from to make this happen.

Why choose a titanium exhaust?

If improving the weight, performance, and visual appeal of your motorcycle is your goal, a titanium exhaust is a great choice. It is. Titanium is one of the most advanced materials available today. It is ultra-lightweight (reducing your bike’s overall weight and improving handling), resistant to high temperatures, and durable. If it is well made and properly tuned, a titanium system can add a noticeable amount of torque and horsepower to your bike.

What makes titanium exhaust a better choice than an exhaust made from other materials?


Titanium (more accurately, titanium alloyed with steel, which is what most exhaust products are made from) is less susceptible to corrosion, stains, and rust, providing you with an exhaust that lasts longer than similar exhausts made from stainless steel. Titanium is a tough, durable metal with amazing heat-resistant qualities. It has been used in the aerospace industry for decades and is ideal for exhaust systems since it offers a good balance between cost, weight, and performance. Titanium also has a high strength-to-density ratio which means that the wall thickness of the tube can be thinner than other materials while maintaining the same (or better) strength. A well-designed titanium system can be up to 40% lighter than a comparable stainless-steel one.


Another feature of titanium exhausts is their ability to quickly dissipate heat. Titanium cools down almost instantly, reducing the risk of a rider or passenger getting burned on hot mufflers or headers.


Style should never be the main reason for choosing one material over another… however, it is nice when appearance goes hand in hand with performance. Titanium exhaust systems develop a distinct blue color around the headers, offering a visual appeal like no other. On top of being extremely strong, lightweight, and attractive, titanium resists staining, discoloration, and corrosion much better than other materials, so your investment will look brand-new for years.


If you're looking to upgrade your exhaust to improve handling and acceleration, a titanium exhaust is exactly what you need! Compared to other exhaust materials, titanium’s weight advantage translates to improved fuel economy, lap times, braking, handling, and acceleration.

So the answer is yes, they’re worth it. When it comes to safety, reliability, quality, and performance, titanium exhausts are simply unbeatable!

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