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Bitubo Race Suspension Parts

When any rider hopes onto their motorcycle, they want the smoothest, most comfortable ride possible. Bitubo provides it with the world's best motorbike shock absorbers and other suspension parts. The company was founded in 1963, and since 1975, they've been reducing vibrations on motorcycles for better handling and more efficient performance. Their suspension parts are now using by the top professionals in road racing and off-road competition as well as casual enthusiasts. is where to order Bitubo Ducati suspension parts made with Italian innovation, design and craftsmanship.

We offer the latest Bitubo mono shocks and adjustable shocks that will make the roughest bumps, jumps and potholes feel like smooth pavement. These shocks are made from premium materials with advanced technology for a more stable ride so you feel confident getting on the gas. Better still, Bitubo shocks for Ducati's are made to order. Simply provide the rider weight (without gear) and they'll build you a custom racing shock. Bitubo makes shocks for many other sportbikes as well as Harley's and café racers, so if you want a built-to-order shock, too, let us know - we'll help make it happen with free domestic shipping on orders over $100.