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Getting noticed on the road isn't just about feeling special. Maintaining high visibility is the biggest part of staying safe behind your handlebars. The Kellermann Company has been making premium motorcycle lights and accessories since 1989 that use the latest technology without compromise. Their sportbike products have an innovative design and elegant style so you will be seen day or night. Each component is made in Germany and distributed in the U.S. by Spiegler Performance Parts for the high quality you need.

Our selection of Kellermann lights for motorcycles is a classy addition to your bike. The company is best known for their motorcycle turn signals and indicator lights. Products such as the Bullet 1000 and micro S indicator have won international design awards for their first-rate materials and performance. Kellermann also makes all the mounting and electronic accessories you need to get your new turn signals running, including mounting plates, ball head adapters and wiring harnesses. Other Kellermann parts include license plate holders and chain adjustment tools. Contact our expert staff for assistance in finding the right product with free shipping on orders over $100.

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Description: Universal design LED turn signal.
Item #: 126.100/150 - GS-3
Condition: New
Price: $74.95
Sale: $50.00
Save: 33%
Save: $24.95

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