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Kineo Motorcycle Wheels

Riders who love the retro look of spoked wheels don't need to settle for old wheels that look like they're on their last legs. Kineo Wheels uses cutting-edge motorcycle wheel technology and traditional aesthetics for a result that leaves everyone satisfied. Their spoked motorcycle wheels for tubeless tires are made of 7000-grade aluminum that's lighter and stronger than steel. The rim, hub and spokes are all CNC-machined for perfect balance. You'll receive wheels that have a classic appearance with the latest handling and safety features. They can be used with certain tubed off-road tires, too.

Order Kineo spoked wheels for your Ducati from and go vintage on your next ride. Not only are these the highest-quality wheels available, but they are made to order. The hub, rim and nipple can also be custom-finished with a durable powder coat. Choose a standard color from the drop-down menu or special-request a color. The spokes and valves are available in silver or black. You'll truly be riding on a bike all your own with the best retro spoked wheels. Ask our knowledgeable staff about custom orders or finding other models of Kineo rims.